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Two Continents, One Life Long Friendship

Have you ever had a pen pal? Can you say you’ve talked to someone in a different continent? Do you have a best friend who you haven’t even met? I am so fortunate to be able to answer yes to all three of those questions. On a cold day in December, my fifth grade teacher […]

Six weeks of experience, a lifetime of gratitude

The planning for our journey to Petals lasted almost two years, the physical trip there took 47 hours, and we spent six weeks at Petals making a lifetime of memories. We are both travelers and share a love of education, children, and Christian Science. So when we heard of Petals through our friend Kenny D’Evelyn, […]

Tim Heinemann’s August 2009 trip to Petals

In August 2009, Tim Heinemann traveled to Ngochoni to visit the Petals of Africa School. The following photos are from Tim’s trip.