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“Whatever blesses one blesses all….”

Another youth for youth fundraiser is a success!  Emelie Fredrikson and Ellie Towle, senior and junior, Principians, created a fundraiser to bless the boarding students of Ngochoni Petals School in Kenya while also blessing the boarding students of The Principia Upper School.   Parents were invited to make a donation towards the goal of 37 new metal bunk […]

Six weeks of experience, a lifetime of gratitude

The planning for our journey to Petals lasted almost two years, the physical trip there took 47 hours, and we spent six weeks at Petals making a lifetime of memories. We are both travelers and share a love of education, children, and Christian Science. So when we heard of Petals through our friend Kenny D’Evelyn, […]

Update – Principians in Africa

We are enjoying ourselves in Nairobi. We have been able to visit all of the churches and societies here and are happy to report that each one is growing. The testimony meetings have been particularly inspiring. We have been busy researching how education works here in Kenya, as well as better understanding everything that goes […]

Kilimanjaro Climb

19,340 feet is no easy feat. One member of the group of three successfully made it all the way to the Rooftop of Africa: Mount Kilimanjaro. The climb was a great success for all members that attempted the trek, even if only one victoriously stood at the top. The lessons learned about God, community, and […]

Climbathon on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Brian McCauley, Dean of Enrollment Management at Principia College and The Daycroft School Foundation, have teamed up to raise money and awareness for five CS related schools in Africa. Brian and two Principia graduates, Kenny D’Evelyn and Wes Fleming are leaving January 15th for Africa where they will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for […]