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2013 Academic Update

Class of 2013:  2nd* in Division (out of 59 schools) Class of 2012:  1st in Division 6th in Country Zone 18th in Migori District Class of 2011:  1st in Division; 5th in Migori District Class of 2010:  1st in Division (out of 52 schools); 10th in Migori District (out of 167 schools) Class of 2009:  […]

Trophies awarded to Ngochoni Petals of Africa School

Dear Friends, Receive much greetings from all of us. Our school is on holiday until Sept. 6th but grade 8 will come back on 9th Aug. for holiday tuition. Dear friends, before our school closed, our school and the community at large was filled with joy and everyone came running as they joined the staff […]