“Whatever blesses one blesses all….”

Another youth for youth fundraiser is a success!  Emelie Fredrikson and Ellie Towle, senior and junior, Principians, created a fundraiser to bless the boarding students of Ngochoni Petals School in Kenya while also blessing the boarding students of The Principia Upper School.   Parents were invited to make a donation towards the goal of 37 new metal bunk beds greatly needed at the Petals School where there are currently 102 boarding students.  In return for each family’s generosity, their Principia boarding student will receive a special cookie/brownie package on upcoming holidays from the kitchens of Emelie and Ellie. Many day student parents contributed as well, responding to this heartfelt idea.

Petals BunkBeds Old with New 2013

USA volunteer to help make boarding students near and far feel comforted and loved.

These two young women were inspired by two graduates of Petals School that are now attending Principia Upper School. Ellie has also served in Rwanda helping disabled children and recognizes how Christian Science can reveal and bring goodness to the continent of Africa. Emelie cares deeply that this school has a Christian Science basis and sees this as palpable in the loving nature of the two students who are now fellow classmates. On October 21 during the Petals Consortium monthly teleconference, the Head of School of Petals shared that the #1 need at the school is additional bunk beds. Thanks to Ellie and Emelie, active hearts and willing hands, there will be 20 new metal bunk beds for the students of this rural school where former warring tribes are uniting through education.


Ellie Towle and Emelie Fredrikson of St. Louis