Petals Sewing Academy in operation for one year

women carrying the machines/fabric, etc. to the church to open the academy

The strategic/work plans for the Petals Sewing Academy is to finish one room for training and keeping of the equipment. The foundation and bricks are available. The Phase II funding needs are $1000 which would purchase timber and roof supplies to finish the room. After one year, the students continue to hand-carry the sewing machines with supplies back and forth each day to use the local church for training.

Thomas the tutor
Thomas the tutor trains students for 2 hours, 5 days a week. Students first learned how to sew their names on paper for practice. Their first completed project was an apron. The goals are to empower the graduates and community economically; create a revenue centre for the school; create employment opportuniy; attract individuals worldwide to participate in training; and to enhance cohesion in the region and internationally. The objectives are to train students in garment making, i.e. school uniforms to suiting; to impact entrepreneurial skills to students; and to be a certified tailoring and dressmaking centre.

Merrie Harrison with the sewing academy women
The Petals of Africa Sewing Academy was established in July 2011 thanks to the generosity of Merrie Harrison, an American volunteer who travelled to the Petals Community to help launch the project and to the generosity of many donors that help purchase 2 treadle sewing machines, 3 rolls of garment, accessories, and the tutor’s numeration per month. The mission of the Academy is “to create a vocational centre that trains people in tailoring, dressmaking and entrepreneurial skills.”