2013 Academic Update

Class of 2013:  2nd* in Division (out of 59 schools)

Class of 2012:  1st in Division
6th in Country Zone
18th in Migori District

Class of 2011:  1st in Division;
5th in Migori District

Class of 2010:  1st in Division (out of 52 schools);
10th in Migori District (out of 167 schools)

Class of 2009:  1st in Division;
1st in Migori District

Accredited by Kenya Ministry of Education

Administrators and Board Members accessible

Dedicated Teaching Staff

Established January 2001, currently K- 8th Grade

Private school with religious studies – Christian Science

Inter-tribal community cooperation and support

International teacher volunteer programs available

*The Petals students achieved +10.33 mean over previous year.

  25 of the 59 schools produced a +plus mean.

*The all-time top student scored 380 (out of 500) on KCPE.