Head Teacher – new job posting

Job Title:  Head Teacher

Place of Work: Ngochoni Petals of Africa School

Department/Unit: Academic

Working Hours: Full time

Salary Range: To be negotiated with the right candidate

Supervisory role: Teaching and non-teaching staff

Size of Work force: 20 staff

Reports to: School Board of Directors

Works with: Bursar, Board of Directors, School Management Committee

Job Purpose:

The purpose of the position of Head Teacher is to educate students in a sound environment, based on Christian Science, which maintains high moral and academic standards.

Duties and Responsibilities:

It is the responsibility of the Head Teacher to oversee all matters related to the students’ and teachers’ experiences at the School.  These include curriculum, teaching and learning materials, organization of dormitory life, meals and co-curricular activities (e.g., music, sports, etc.), and professional development of teachers.  The Head Teacher is responsible for maintaining records showing the School’s defined, recognized curriculum that is in line with local/national curriculum, including character education, and the related pedagogy.  In addition, teacher-training must be provided including on-going professional development and guidance in how to inculcate Christian character.

The Head Teacher works cooperatively with the Bursar to make decisions which support the fiscal status and are feasible within the physical structure of the School. 

The Head Teacher is also responsible for making clear to the teachers, students and parents the Christian Science basis of school. This can be done through meetings with incoming families to explain Christian Science and how that is the basis of the School; assemblies and meetings for the students and teachers with readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; talks and discussions when appropriate; hymns from Christian Science Hymnal; sharing Christian Science periodicals; and, inviting students to attend Sunday School.

Working Conditions (travel, work space, etc.) 

The Head Teacher works at the School each day and has a centrally-located office.  Occasional local and national travel may be required.  The Head Teacher usually works each day when School is in session, and usually for at least part of each school holiday period. 

Minimum Level of Education:

The Head Teacher must hold at least a baccalaureate degree and must maintain an active schedule of professional development for her/himself. 

Skills required:

Good analytical skills is an asset for this position since the head teacher will be required to analyze situations, scenarios and data to make appropriate decisions in consultation with the Board of Directors.

Competencies required:

Head Teacher must be a Christian Scientist, and must have been actively studying and practicing Christian Science for at least 5 years, and be a member of the Mother Church.  It is preferred that the Head Teacher also have had class instruction in Christian Science.

The Head Teacher must be a good steward of property and facilities, including both technological and non-technological assets.

Qualifications/Trainings Required:

A P1 training or diploma in education coupled with a bachelor’s degree in Education is mandatory

Prior Experience:

The Head Teacher should have had a minimum of 10 years classroom/teaching experience five of which should be as a head teacher in primary or secondary grades.  Additional experience as a school administrator is preferred. 

Technical Skills Required:

The Head Teacher should be knowledgeable about the uses of instructional technology and the uses of technology for administrative purposes.  Proficiency in MS office suite is mandatory.

Language Skills Required:

The Head Teacher must be skilled in the use of written and spoken English and Swahili.  Proficiency in the use of local languages is an asset. 

Physical Requirements:

The head teacher must be physically fit to handle the pressure that comes with the responsibility of running a learning institution

Legal Requirements:

The candidate must a Kenyan national or if not, possess a valid working permit.

Selection Process:

The successful candidate is expected to assume office by the first day of January 2016. Interested candidates to send their applications via e-mail address petalsofafricangochoni@gmail.com