Kilimanjaro Climb

19,340 feet is no easy feat. One member of the group of three successfully made it all the way to the Rooftop of Africa: Mount Kilimanjaro. The climb was a great success for all members that attempted the trek, even if only one victoriously stood at the top. The lessons learned about God, community, and friendship can never be taken away from all involved. Guided by Peter Mtuy and his team of helpful porters, the group of three successfully reached the destination of the Arrow Glacier campsite before it became apparent that one member needed to be led down the mountain to recover from the change in altitude.

Mount Kilimanjaro is an amazing place. The beauty that can be found on the mountain is difficult to describe in words and even difficult to capture on film, although each member tried while being armed with digital cameras and video. Some of the highlights included deep-fried french toast, dependable clear morning and night skies, a full-moon to light the night sky, spectacular views of the Tanzanian landscape, good camaraderie with our porters, and the opportunity to share Principia.

We have appreciated everyone’s prayerful support and hope that you will continue to support the Christian Science schools in Africa even though not all of us peaked the mountain.

Love to all,

Brian, Kenny, and Wes