Petals Sewing Academy, established July 2011

It was wonderful to be able to work with our sewing students this summer! There are 3 classes that meet each day. They were very proud to have their pictures taken in the uniforms that they made to wear during class! –Merrie Harrison

Note: The Petals Sewing Academy is an American youth-inspired, youth-invested idea. It is the first vocational training initiative for the school community. The first students are from the local community, many are mothers learning a trade skill for the first time. Students pay a registration fee to enroll. Phase I ($1K) is completed with two new machines, set up materials, and a trainer teacher. Phase II ($2K) will require additional funds for the need of a zig zag machine, additional materials, continuous training (at least six months) of a trainer specific for the Academy, and completion of a building to foster protection and production. Phase III ($1K) will begin the full operation of the Petals Sewing Academy for production, profit, and giving back to Petals School. As the Academy progresses, Petals students will learn about sewing and the fruitage of this economic enterprise on the campus.