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We were greeted in song “Welcome to Petals.” The students, teachers, administrators and staff all greeted us around the flagpole in prayer, in song, in welcome. A very special feeling came over all of us. Synergy. We quickly unloaded donations and became familiar with the campus. The youth began playing soccer at the first break […]

We Have Arrived in Kenya

We arrived safely to Suna Migori and today will be our first day at Ngochoni Petals of Africa School. All of the donated items have arrived with us. Thank you to everyone who contributed in this manner. Lilian, the Head Mistress, surprised us at the Narobi Airport and accompanied us on the long drive from […]

Youth Outreach Kenya Mission Send Off 11 Mar 09

An excerpt by Jared Ogega’s message from 12/17/08 – “…this is a seed that has been planted and all the conditions necessary for its growth. Its accomplishment is rested on our consortium and others. Remember this is a Love at work.” A heartfelt thanks was shared among all for this opportunity to continue supporting this […]

Youth supporting Youth

March 16-21, 2009, a youth mission group will visit Petals School. The mission is to interact in educational supportive ways with administrators, teachers and students. Also to discover school needs and consider how to support supply. Each youth will bring their unique talents and gifts to this experience.