Thursday Photos

Mzungu Kyle

“Mzungu” Kyle rides to Petals Kenyan-style with 7 in our taxi as our kind driver Kennis gets us through the backshish traffic police stop.

Sing a melody in my heart

“Sing a melody in my heart”

Singing and Dancing with the Kindergarten class

Singing and dancing with the kindergarten class.

Art Stamping Project

The art stamping project with Standard 5 is a success.

Petals teachers

Teachers on break outside Staff Room at Petals. Patrick, Std 5, Oguta, Std 6, Christine, Std 2, Zachary, Std 8, Thomas, Std 1

Teacher to teacher - sharing ideas

Teacher to teacher share ideas. Kathy with Peter, Std 3

Sharing the vision

A gathering to share the vision of the school and its hope to progress.

Teachers share ideas

Teachers gather to share ideas with guests.

Students working alongside students

Students working alongside students.