Saturday Photos

Kathy Visits Parent Stella from the Luo tribe

Kathy visits with parent Stella from the Luo tribe who walked 5 kilometers from her farm to greet us. Her daughter is in Grade 7.

Soccer Match

The soccer match begins against a neighboring public school.

Saturday Play on school campus

Saturday play on school campus.

Pledge of Kenya

Grade 8 students recite the pledge of Kenya before soccer match.

Peter Nyamohanga Maroa, Chairman of the Board (Kuria tribe) receives visitor at Petals

Peter Nyamohanga Maroa, Chairman of the Board (Kuria tribe) receives visitor at Petals. He has two girl children attending in grade 7 and grade 6.

Happy parent with daughters Mariam and Belita

Happy parent, Peter, with daughters Mariam and Belita.

Music Students continue private lessons

Music Teacher Stacey and best student Alvins, Grade 8 and teacher Lameck, grade 4-8 continue private lessons.

Frisbee Fun

Frisbee Fun!

Head Mistress Lillian shares ideas

Head Mistress Lillian shares ideas.

Girls Football

The girls football team won 1-0 during their match today. The girls on the team are hard-working, graceful and precise. They look forward some day for soccer uniforms to match their gameskirt. And for more footballs to practice and for games. Ushindi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boys Football

The boys soccer team won their match 2-1. The goals brought screams of joy and running on the field by the spectators. They are also a hard-working team. They would like soccer nets which will keep the balls from going off campus. They also want to uniforms for game day. Ushindi!!!!!!!!!

Donated Books

Donated books are welcomed.